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In The Pursuit of Love, Mitford explored shellshock, abuse and xenophobia Jesus, Mary, Joseph and the wee donkey … does Sunday night television need another costume drama about posh English folk who live in a big house somewhere in the countryside? But Emily Mortimerthe actor who has adapted the Nancy Mitford novel and directed the three-part series, admits she asked herself the same thing.

The show replaces Line of Duty in the splashy Sunday night drama slot, more often than not a place for lavish adaptations of classic novels. The series is far racier and much more punk-spirited than some people might expect a Mitford adaptation to be. But Mortimer argues the novel is far more radical than it might seem and that it should not be viewed as a guilty pleasure.

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Shellshock from the war. Physical abuse in families.

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It just felt like a breath of air, you just felt forgiven reading it. The music includes tracks by New Order, Roxy Music and Le Tigre rather than string quartets or anything from the time. It is just so uncool.

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She said she realises now she was directing it as she was writing it and that she felt a duty to get it right. I was trying all the time to think of ways of communicating that visually. Love is messy. He said Merlin was a fluid character. Fingers crossed. This article is more than 5 months old. Mark Brown Arts correspondent. Fri 7 May .

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Any women love bbc

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‘It feels radical about women’: Nancy Mitford hits BBC One’s Sunday night slot