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Just because I talk to some exes doesn't mean I have unresolved issues with them. I don't talk to them every day or hell, even every week, it's probably once a month. I don't have any, and we generally don't frequent the same areas. I do agree that the OP sounds and unsure of herself and the relationship.

However, I do feel that people can have friendships with exes and not be at risk for "unresolved issues" or cheating. What would be a good name for a woodworking business? I suggested 2: Wood Up as in word up and Wood to Your Mother like word to your mother but both sound like porn sites. Any other suggestions?

I said times that I disagree Atlantic mine MI adult personals that course of action, and that I've been guilty of it in the past. And that I also still feel bad about it, because I hurt someone rather badly. That people do it regardless of the repercussions involved. Not all people have the same personal code of ethics that you do, and that isn't going to change anytime, no matter how hard you want it to, or how upset it makes you.

I think using murder in contrast to that is a bit heavy handed in that respect. Infidelity and murder aren't even in the same fucking league of immorality. No one dies from infidelity, there is no permanent physical effect. If there are any permanent effects, they're emotional in nature. Those can be overcome.

Death cannot be overcome. Also, the legal ramifications for murder are harsh because they NEED to be. Non-violent that occur in the confines of a relationship absolutely do not for a legal punishment, as it does not poison society at large the way violence and murder do. That's a bunk analogy, and I'm frankly quite offended that you likened my reasoning to rationalizing murder.

I could say something really interesting about rationalizing murder, especially to you. But that wouldn't be appropriate or decent, given our friendship. I accept the consequences of ANY action I perform, whether they have the ability to affect society at large or just one person. I accept that if I'm being selfish or acting irrationally, there invariably be comeuppance. You of all people are aware that life is dirty, jagged, uncomfortable and at times we do things we never thought we would do.

I'm taken aback that you liken things I've said to something as life altering and gravely serious as murder. And I'll be completely honest I think it's complete and utter bullshit. I don't appreciate it. I have a wonderfully giving whom I and adore.

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