Barrett stone dating

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Website: brendanbarrett.

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I am an evolutionary behavioral ecologist and evolutionary anthropologist interested in how extragenetic inheritance systems such as culture and territorial inheritance are influenced by and in turn influence ecology, sociality, and life history. My research integrates natural history-informed field research, hierarchical Bayesian statistical modeling, and game-theoretical and population modeling.

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Some of my ongoing research questions include:. I currently study foraging innovation and cultural transmission in white-faced capuchin monkeys in Coiba National Park, Panama where I started a field site in My research tends to be motivated by theoretical interest rather than taxonomic affinity, but most of my interests are of great relevance to evolutionary anthropology and are conducive to study in nonhuman and human primates.

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Jump directly to main Jump directly to content Jump to sub Brendan Barrett. Some of my ongoing research questions include: What predicts individual variation in social learning strategies and how does individual behavior shape population-level cultural dynamics?

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How does sociality and ecology influence both the origins and maintenance of cultural traits in populations? How is social learning utilized by organisms across different life history stages?

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How do organisms integrate both personal and social information and what are the implications of this for structuring cultural variation and dynamics? What social and ecological factors predict territorial bequeathal and dispersal? This publication list is currently beeing updated.

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Barrett stone dating

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