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Bills inclusive.

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Situated in lively Cosy room with wardrobe and table for work. It's nice common place to eat, discussions Apartment has 4 separate furnished rooms with Hey, I will be doing my Software Engineerging internship with Erasmus. I'm not looking for a spesific kind of roommates actually but of course that would be great if your are into dancing, maybe we My name is natnael, i will be in poznan in September to September And I'm looking for a roommate which could be a boy or girl. If any one For rent one-bedroom 42m2 in a beautiful, stylish tenement house newly renovated in View from the windows overlooking the Poznan Palm House and Wilson Park - lots of greenery and places to relax in the park adjacent to the tenement.

Nearby in close proximity A cosy 2-bedroom flat on the ground floor 40 sq. It is renovated, furnished and fitted. Hello everyone am student in Poznan ,and I would like to stay with room or flat mate. Unique - Bright and spacious 2 Chat room in Poznan apartment in the heart of Poznan - near Stary Browar.

Large living area, new kitchen, decked balcony and 1 bathroom downstairs. Modern sofa, that turns into a double bed if guests are visiting. Functional kitchen, stone sink, I speak English, etwas Deutsch and Turkish. I can't speak Polish yet but i am pretty eager to learn. I am pretty easy-going, tidy person. I will cook my own food so i need a Hello I am student at Poznan University of Technology and looking for a shared appartment or room if you have any please contact me gauspeerzade g dotcom Website is not allowing me to write my address that's why I wrote in weird way my budget is maximum Hi everyone, I am Ilker.

I am looking for an accommodation from the start of September 27th to February 25th in Poznan. I am Erasmus student, and I'm going to study at Poznan university of technology in fall semester.

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Furthermore, I am a clean and respectful person Hey guys! I am looking for an apartment to either share or stay in and I would really appreciate anyone willing to offer anything up. Anything would be helpful wether you would like to share rent or suggest a studio per say. I am studying at Politechnika Poznanska Hey Guys, i am coming to Poznan to learn polish by 5th October, looking for roommates, doesnt matter if its males or females as long as you don't make much noise.

I was looking for a single sudio but shared apartments are way more affordable, so hit me up if you would Hello I will come in september I am looking for a respectful roommate who has an apartment or is going to Poland for the first time like me. I am sociable and very happy to meet new people from different cultures : So, I am looking for nice and organized people to live in an apartment close to the center if Hi everyone, I am looking for accommodation in Poznan because I am going to study in wsb University of Poznan for one semester with erasmus program.

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I prefer to stay near to my university. I don't mind if I stay with girls or boys. I am really happy person and I have Hey guys. I m Serkan, Turkish guy. I looking for an Apartment or room for two person. We gonna stay 3 month in Poznan. Probably between the this dates 7 sept- 5 dec If yu got any room or Apartment.

Please dont hesitate and text me. Hey there! I am Buse, I recently got a room for me but thought the landlord would find the roommate but unfortunely they said its not possible rn. I will be attending WSB Poznan for 11 months. So i really need a roommate, im easy going and tidy i dont have a pet.

Unfortunatly I cant speak polish. I'm a 3d artist and a weeb. I'm easy-going and a tidy person. My budget is I would love to find a place not too far away from the university.

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I would prefer to live with other students in their twenties. Hello everyone. I am a 20 year old pilot student from Ireland. I am learning to be a pilot in Poznan and need a place to stay.

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I am mature, independent and easy-going. I am looking for acc from the start of September to November 31st 3 months. This is a new city for I am offering a cosy double room located midway between City Park and Poznan 'Palmiarnia'. A quiet location, no parking fees and good access to trams and buses. Very close to the city centre and a walking distance to Poznan Medical University about 20 minutes I'm looking for a place to stay in Poznan, I'm a social person, I adapt easily to the environment, it doesn't matter if it's a boy or a girlI like to participate in cultural events and make friends from different nationalities.

I'm on my way to get WSB university I am 21 years old and I am looking for a fun friendly roommate in Poznan. I am coming to the Poznan politecnico di for the summer second semester. My major is Mechanical Engineering. My budget is up to Zloty I'm looking for accommodation near Ogrody Kampus. Thanks in advance.

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Looking forward to meet you all! Hi guys. I will study at Collegium Da Vinci University. I am looking for a fun and friendly roommate. I like to travel. My budget is up to PLN. I can speak english at intermediate level. We recommend renting a studio flat with a separate bedroom. The size of the apartment is 32m2.

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email: [email protected] - phone:(214) 923-5778 x 7860

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