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She is a person of great compassion and self-worth, and it is a rare man who has the honor of her affection.

What does a classy high caliber woman look for in a man? #shorts

Here are just some of the s that you are in the presence of a true lady. She exhibits emotional control No matter what is going on she keeps her cool.

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She may laugh, or shoot a withering glare but she will not make a show out of overexpressing herself to get attention. She is better than that. She can hold her own in conversation The lady does not speak for the sake of speaking. She has ideas, opinions and makes a good sparring partner in conversation.

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She is well-groomed but not narcissistic A lady is always neat and thoughtfully styled but never obsessed with her appearance. This is one reason people are drawn to her — her glamour feels effortless, not gaudy or overdone. She does not hide her natural beauty under caked-on makeup nor does she accessorize with excessive jewelry.

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A lady is kind and considerate to everyone. She finds no pleasure in cruelty or sarcasm — she just naturally cares for others. Neither will she show you parts of her body that are reserved for intimate company. Fashions and standards change but she is not trying to draw attention with flash or vulgarity — she will do that with her heart and mind.

She is not the loudest person in the room but when she speaks, she is not timid. If you want her attention you will have to earn it. She is not giving it away. She takes responsibility for herself A lady is no coward. She understands that she must stand behind everything she says and does. She will not be taken for granted Woe unto you who takes a lady for granted. She knows her value and her self-esteem is healthy.

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If you do not know how to appreciate her, she will move on from you. She approaches the passage of time with grace She does not consider time her enemy.

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Because aging is natural; it is the way of things. A lady sees the passage of time as an opportunity to obtain wisdom. She will not fight it tooth and nail like it was an enemy of her self-worth. Bumps on your vaginal area can be alarming for anyone. Immediately, our minds jump to the scariest scenario. Our website uses cookies to make your browsing experience better.

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10 Things That Can Attract Men to a Classy Woman