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Unlike the frenzy that has surrounded nearly every twist and turn in the Theranos saga, the trial of Elizabeth Holmes has been surprisingly mellow. Holmes, the former start-up executive whose downfall has been retold in a documentarybook and podcastfaces up to 20 years in prison in a case that many see as comeuppance for the wrongs of Silicon Valley.

Court proceedings in San Jose began last month with feverish media coverage, as reporters lined up before dawn to secure a seat in the courtroom and a man who said he was a bystander turned out to be related to Holmes. But the trial — now entering its sixth week of at least 16 — has quickly settled into, well, a trial. Apparently Holmes is easy to draw because she rarely moves, a courtroom artist revealed in the piece. The jury seems to be the biggest threat to the case staying on track.

The trial began with 17 jurors, including five alternates. In the first week, a juror was dismissed after learning that her employer would not compensate her for the time away.

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Then last week, a juror was sent home after she said her Buddhist faith made her uncomfortable with the idea of punishing Holmes. Her replacement said she did not speak English well, though the judge did not allow her to leave. The jurors also have to be protected from any news coverage of the trial so they remain unbiased.

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The judge begins and ends each court session by asking whether they have recently heard about Holmes or Theranos. If the of jurors drops below 12, there could be a mistrial, a major setback for prosecutors given that the trial has already been delayed repeatedly.

The prosecution is currently presenting its case, after which the defense will begin. I actually let out a tiny gasp. That once seemed unfair. Now it looks lucky. This is what fighting a giant wildfire looks like. A Hollywood success: Movie theaters are finally bouncing back from the pandemic, with solid turnout over the weekend for the latest James Bond spectacle. Latino voters: Jennifer Medina, a Times political reporter based in Los Angeles, talks about how she gets in the mind of Latinos who voted for Trump.

She was Coronavirus death toll: More than 70, people have died of Covid in California as of Monday, the most deaths of any state, The Associated Press reports. A parallel universe: This Los Angeles artist makes large-scale, iridescent works that transport viewers into alien worlds.

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Oil spill: Huntington Beach reopened on Monday after being closed for an offshore oil spill. Officials say there are no detectable levels of oil-related toxins in the water, The Associated Press reports. Plane crash: A private aircraft crashed in a residential San Diego suburb, killing at least two people and damaging 10 homes, according to The Associated Press. Opinion : What an L. City Council seat shows about power and politics.

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Weather warning: Polluted air is expected through Wednesday in much of the Central Valley. Dust storms: Strong winds and dry, loose soil led to vast dust storms that shut down highways from the Sacramento Valley to the Mojave Desert, according to SFGate. Magic mushrooms: Officials in Arcata, a town in Humboldt County, have decriminalized the use of psychedelic plants, including mushrooms and ayahuasca, Lost Coast Outpost reports. Seven are in California. We visited the home he was born in and tried to go to the museum that bears his name but it was closed.

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Salinas, like many small towns, struggled to keep its Main Street alive during the pandemic. Even on a Monday, we were able to enjoy the old buildings and quaint pubs. The Steinbeck home is run by volunteers who have refurbished the building and just recently reopened the doors to the public.

The Monterey Bay Aquarium has reopened and reservations are a must.

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Steinbeck and a coastal drive made us remember why we, native Californians, still love California. Tell us about your favorite places to visit in California. your suggestions to CAtoday nytimes. A new book about the Paradise fire. Imbens, a Stanford professor, were two of the three men tly awarded the Nobel Prize in Economics for their research into the consequences of real-life economic experiments.

Thanks for reading. Mariel Wamsley contributed to California Today. You can reach the team at CAtoday nytimes.

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up here to get this newsletter in your inbox. Running out of jurors The jury seems to be the biggest threat to the case staying on track. Will Holmes testify? If you read one story, make it this This is what fighting a giant wildfire looks like.

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The rest of the news A Hollywood success: Movie theaters are finally bouncing back from the pandemic, with solid turnout over the weekend for the latest James Bond spectacle. And before you go, some good news For one day at least, Cal and Stanford fans will have to make nice.

Dating club Edison California

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