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The year before, I had staggered through the fog of another devastating broken heart, and I had counseled and cried with friends when they were trying to survive their own relationship train wrecks.

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Folks on social media were getting engaged, jumping brooms, and enjoying the joyful experience of love, but in real life, I was surrounded Dating ebony married evidence of how dangerous that emotion could be.

Our love lives were the subject of constant research and examination, and I was so over-immersed in dismal s — like the data from the U. Census Bureau that found nearly 40 percent of black women ages 34 to 39 had never been married, compared to 14 percent of their white female peers; or the research that found black women, ages 35 to 45, with a college degree were 15 percent less likely to be married than a white woman without a degree — I convinced myself to just give up on dating and relationships altogether.

Statistically, I could become a homeowner. Statistically, I could grow thriving businesses and adventure through the countries on my travel bucket list. But statistically, I was not going to get married and have more .

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Study after anticlimactic study told me black women are the least likely to be marriedand even if we do manage to get down the aisle, other research indicated we are likely to have our happily ever after disrupted by divorce. So I started to internalize the hype. I believed the s.

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They were so pervasive, and as a writer and journalist, I often regurgitated them to support a point or substantiate my storytelling. I even tried to mind-map a reasonable chain of events — maybe I would run into The One at a happy hour or in line at the grocery store?

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So I got comfortable with my disbelief because it protected me from disappointment. Not anytime soon, I warned her. But possibly, perchance, maybe I could meet someone one day. Less than two weeks later, a guy named Jerome that I had met at a club in D. Seventeen years. Maybe next Saturday, I suggested. Instead, Jerome was funny, sweet and thoughtful, and we sat in the booth of a downtown D. I said yes because my daughter is a young adult, but Jerome wanted to know her. I was To be clear: Singleness is never a condition or a burden. It just is. But the limitations I put around myself in anticipation of being denied the miracle of love betrayed my desire to actually be in love, and that wasn't true to who I am.

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Dating ebony married

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