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When we don't have our cameras in hand, you can find us hiking, snuggling our daughter and pups, or planning our next Disney trip. One of the top requested locations for an engagement session is Sedona. It is a quick drive up from the valley to get some truly unique and epic views. The red rocks that Sedona is famous for is only available here in the Southwest. So, if you are an outdoorsy or adventurous couple, it only makes sense to take advantage of Sedona for your engagement photos!

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There are so many great locations to choose from. Here are my favs:. This is a pretty well known location for engagement photos and elopements alike. The start of the hike is pretty easy, like climbing stairs. You soon reach a large flat area with amazing views of the Sedona valley and Cathedral Rock.

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This is where a lot of couples decide to stay for their session. But, for those brave enough, more epic views are available at the very top!

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Though, it is not for the faint of heart. You literally have to climb up a crack to get there! I suggest bringing a change of clothes for once you reach the top. If you have an adventurous bone, then it is definitely worth the climb. I have not been all the way to the Find sex partner Sedona with a couple yet, but my husband and I had a lunch date with the most epic views.

This is my favorite hidden gem! Bell Rock is located just between Oak Creek and Sedona. There is a lot of traffic at the parking lot, but it is mostly people stopping to take a picture and leaving! So, it is pretty easy to find a parking spot. The hike is pretty easy too! You just walk up a hill with a fenced off trail until you get to the massive flat area at the base of Bell Rock. There are so many great photography locations from just the trails there!

Once we grab some epic photos it is time to head up just a little further. There is a small section where you do have to climb up some pretty tall rocks, but it is smooth sailing from there! This is a great opportunity for an outfit change before you hit the epic views from Bell Rock.

Because the sun sets behind the mountains well before it gets dark, there is plenty of light to head back down the mountain!

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This one is another hidden gem. After you park, you will walk over the grassy field to the creek.

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There is a trail along the creek where you can pop down into the water! From the creek, you can see Cathedral Rock in the back. As you continue along the trail, you will come to a huge field that has the best views of Cathedral Rock! And if that is not enough for you, we can coordinate to meet at the top of the road to capture some of the epic views of the Sedona valley on the way out! This is one of my favorite and most diverse locations to photograph in Sedona. There is a little bit of something for everyone, but that also means it can be a bit difficult to get into.

Sometimes, you will have to wait in line to get in, but I have never waited more than 15 minutes. There is a cool metal bridge you walk over to get to the orchard, which is a great photo spot all in its own.


In the orchard you can find everything from fig and apple trees to blackberries! There are plenty of areas to pop down to the creek for photographs. Hidden in the tall grasses and trees by the creek are the ruins of the old lodge covered in ivy. As you walk the trail in the orchard, you will be greeted with stunning views of Red Rock walls of the mountain surrounding it.

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Seriously, something for everyone! This is a new addition to my list! Merry Go Round is a pretty famous spot for engagement photographs and elopements. But, it is definitely the most difficult to get to from the list. You will need a high-clearance vehicle and 4 wheel drive is suggested.

But I am down to jump in your truck and head up the mountain. You literally just park on the side of the road! Once you get a parking spot secured, it is a pretty easy hike over to Merry Go Round. Merry Go Round Rock itself shines best Find sex partner Sedona at sunset. And, if you are feeling extra adventurous, just north of Merry Go Rock is another trail where you can climb up onto the tip tops of the red rocks. If you are interested in having an adventurous engagement or anniversary session in Sedona, I would love to photograph you!

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Find sex partner Sedona

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