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With a little help from Kickstarter, she made a web series, The Misadventures of Awkward Black Girlwhich quickly went viral.

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InHBO picked up her show Insecurewhich will enter its third season later this year. A crisply written, visually sleek representation of young black professionals navigating love and work in Los Angeles, it s what she describes as a renaissance in black TV and film.

Check out the full table of contents and find your next story to read. With a subtle comic touch, Insecure has tackled such thorny issues as workplace discrimination, the clumsiness of well-meaning whites, gentrification, and gender and class identity. Word of the show triggered an angry response on social media from some in the black community, who complained Fuck chat Rae a queer black lead would reflect unfavorably on black men.

Rae was dismayed by the reaction, but not entirely surprised. This interview has been shortened and edited for clarity. What drew you to it? Issa Rae: From sixth grade—when I moved to L. JI: White people have always seen white characters on-screen and related to them. Now black people are starting to have that experience, too. How does Insecure fit into this moment? In high school and college, the only representation of black women I saw was on reality television. And so to have this renaissance—to be alongside so many amazing content creators and actors of color—feels very optimistic.

JI: Do you think the current political moment has something to do with that?

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IR: I think Obama enabled it, in a way. I give no credit to this current administration. JI: Do you fear a white backlash in Hollywood similar to the one that brought Trump to power?

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IR: If we were in a more conservative industry, I might. So many people have woken up. JI: What influenced your writing? It was shot in my neighborhood and was Fuck chat Rae and directed by Gina Prince-Bythewood, a black woman. It felt so close to home and was such good storytelling. All those movies—especially those L. JI: Visually, Insecure is kind of a love letter to L. IR: A hundred percent.

I love L. I had to leave twice to find out how much it means to me, and how much the people here mean to me. The fact that the show will serve as a time capsule is crazy; we definitely value and cherish that. JI: How do you feel about gentrification right now? JI: Your father is an immigrant, right? Were your parents supportive, or did they push you to become a lawyer or a doctor? IR: My dad is a doctor, and self-made in so many ways.

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I went to a high school for medicine, where we worked in hospitals and delivered babies. I have this opportunity with Shonda Rhimes! IR: I never identified my character as nerdy, because the classic cultural nerd—the gamer, the Star Wars or sci-fi or Lord of the Rings geek—just never interested me. I never identified as a nerd in that way.

IR: [ Laughs ] Um, excuse me! I guess to a degree. You were either the extreme pretty girl or the nerd; there was no in-between. I was interested in the in-between.

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There are so many different types that are representative of black people, from the nerd to the quirky to the cool. IR: Just being approached to do that was out of this world.

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Twelve-year-old me would never have dreamed that women would look to me as an example to buy makeup! It sounds funny to say out loud. JI: Your public persona is built on awkwardness and insecurity. Can you get away with that now, though? Are you still awkward and insecure? IR: Yeah, come on! And then add to that people staring at you because they think they might recognize you—even talking about it makes me anxious! It feels like high school.

JI: I have a few questions about Insecure. In the first season there was an interesting dynamic between Molly, Fuck chat Rae polished lawyer, and Rasheeda, the loud summer clerk. What were you trying to show? IR: So many of us have been the only one in a room—whether the only black person, the only gay person, the only woman. How you feel responsible for that person but also burdened by their fuckups. One of the le in your new show is a bisexual black man.

Which issues are you exploring around sexuality? Even in the announcement of the show, I felt like the white people who discovered there was racism after Trump was elected. JI: Where do you think that perception comes from? JI: Okay.

Lightning round. IR: Oh, come on!

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Can I say both? JI: Sure. Kendrick or Drake? IR: Ugh! What are you doing?! JI: Last one: Jordans or Louboutins?

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Fuck chat Rae

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