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Added: Islam Ratcliff - Date: By his late sixties, Ken Solin was in a rut. He had been dating on and off for about 10 years following a divorce, and he realized he was choosing the same kind of person repeatedly. So he reached out on an online dating site to a woman far different than his usual type—and they clicked.

That was five years ago. Solin, now 72, and his partner just moved in together. Finding romance at any stage of life can be complicated, but older singles face additional hurdles. Some, like Solin, are looking for love after divorce, or they are widowed after a long marriage.

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They often have to figure out online dating for the first time, from posting a profile picture to setting up coffee dates. Their experiences are mostly without precedent, given that generations didn't enjoy the longer life expectancies that allow late-in-life dating.

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And even with older baby boomers changing the nature of the senior dating scene, senior romances and sexuality are still little-understood topics, says Pepper Schwartz, a University of Washington sociology professor and AARP's relationships expert. A lot of people say they don't want to be single for that long. One advantage for older daters: The dating pool is growing. The divorce rate among adults ages 50 and older has roughly doubled since the s, according to the Pew Research Center.

There's also less of a stigma around elderly romance—you can enlist an adult child as your wingman, to get you online or to meet people, says Schwartz. To succeed as you begin dating again, be deliberate about your search, says Marge Coffey, 73, a Chevy Chase, Md. Decide this is going to be your part-time job for the next few months, she says. If you're going online, enlist supportive friends to help. Then start with your profile picture, Coffey says. When writing your profile, avoid cliched phrases that age you, such as describing how you enjoy long walks on the beach.

Or, if online dating seems daunting, look for new social outlets. If you connect with someone, you'll still have some challenges. If being in an intimate relationship is important to you, make that clear after a few dates, Coffey says. Otherwise you might feel like you wasted time with a potential partner who didn't have the same interest. If a date seems overly curious in your finances, consider it a huge red flag and cut things off.

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And make sure "you have your armor on" to tolerate dates that disappear even after you thought things were going well. If you aren't having much luck, try a dating coach.

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Be sure to ask for references and check backgrounds carefully; fees will vary. Finally, be patient.

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Finding the right person can take time. But it can be a lot of fun. Home retirement. Most Popular.

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