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Looking to spice things up in the bedroom? Try these steamy oral sex moves for more big Os! D, there are a myriad of ways to please your wife in the bedroom, but perhaps one of the most special and intimate is giving her oral sex. With this type of intercourse, you are showing your wife that her satisfaction is your top priority.

When it comes to trying new oral sex moves, even greater focus is key! Over time, hubbies can get a sense of what their wives like when it comes to new oral sex moves.

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What amount of pressure is just right? Does she prefer circular or vertical strokes?

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Perhaps delaying actual contact is what gets her engines going. Whatever your speed is as a couple, once you have mastered pleasuring your wife with your mouth, then you can crank it up a few notches by experimenting with new oral sex moves for heightened pleasure. Orgams and oral sex can provide health benefits, research has found. Image source: file photo.

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Oral sex can be more than just a way to improve intimacy. Take your time and let her savour the foreplay! Are you all alone in the house? Why not try doing oral sex on a sturdy table? You can even make use of your washing machine!

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This is one of the easiest new oral sex moves you can try. All it takes is to be a little adventurous and to think outside the four walls of your bedroom. New oral sex moves: Have your wife sit on a clean counter top as you prepare to go down on her!

Image source: Shutterstock. Jess in Maxim. Savour the experience both as an opening act, or even as a main event.

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One position you can try is kissing while facing each other, then, using your mouth, work your way down, paying enough attention to her sensitive spots. Though watching porn can be counterproductive for some, others prefer it to get even more aroused. If you are the latter, then pop in some steamy videos to get you going. Even listening to the audio while getting intimate can be enough stimulation for some couples! Got a parenting concern?

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