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Anthony Ray Hinton spent decades in jail for crimes he did not commit.

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His book is a harrowing masterpiece. If you think there is no reason for another book about a grave miscarriage of American justice, think again. You want to know why? two, a white man gonna say you shot him.

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The cop was right. With the help of his co-author Lara Love Hardin, Hinton conveys all the horror of his years in solitary confinement, barely able to breath in F 49C summer heat, eating food that tasted like dust. But something deep inside his character made it possible for him to make friends of everyone near him, from the white man next to him on death row who had lynched a black teenager to almost every single prison guard who met him.

I have never experienced anything like it. When Hinton convinces the prison warden about halfway through his three decades of imprisonment to allow him to receive books — besides the Bible — so that he can form a book club, the reader shares the exhilaration of Hinton and half a dozen of his fellow prisoners as they are finally able to travel outside the walls of the Hinton sex black, through the words of James Baldwin and Harper Lee. But the book club is short-lived, after the prisoners who are left out of it convince the warden it is unfair to allow only some of them to become readers.

The books are still passed around from cell to cell, but the meetings in the prison library are over. Fourteen months later, the district attorney in Alabama finally abandoned the case, and Hinton went free. He has become an inspirational speaker, traveling the country and the world.

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As my good friend Bryan Stevenson says, the moral arc of the universe bends toward justice — but justice needs help. Pain and terror: America's history of racism Capital punishment.

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The Sun Does Shine review: death row memoir spotlights a judicial 'lynching'. Charles Kaiser. Sun 29 Apr How I got 30 years on death row for someone else's crime.

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