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These real life sex stories are almost too hot to be true. If you thought erotic fiction was underrated, wait until you read these. Where better to confess your sexy sins than Reddit? Searching the internet for the sauciest sex stories is a hard job Hot women in Story pun intended but someones got to do it. Settle in for some steam and whip out that trusty vibrator. I am in the process of remodeling my house. Part of my home remodeling is replacing the tile in the showers, which were ugly and outdated.

I picked out the materials and called around to find a tile installer. Most companies I called were booked three months out, so I decided to call individual installers. I found a business run Hot women in Story two guys and he agreed to come over the next day to estimate the project. We decided to start with the master bathroom, which is connected to my bedroom and has the closet next to it. Last Wednesday, at around 7 am, I got a phone call from the tile guy letting me know that he was coming in 15 minutes.

Before I even had time to brush my hair, the doorbell rang. I put a robe over my pjs and went to answer it. This guy was way different than his business partner. He had some tattoos on his arms, and was wearing a tank top and very short shorts.

He had the built of a football player. I then asked if it would be okay for me to shower in the other bathroom, since he was working with the pipes. He said yes but to be careful with the hot water. So I go to the other bathroom, hop in the shower, and instantly felt horny. I began rubbing myself slowly and thinking of the shorts the tile guy was wearing. I could see the outline of his dick in them. In my horny state, I decide to make a pass at him. I finish my shower, wrap a towel around me and go into the master bathroom.

I found him on his knees, cutting some plastic stuff. Is that okay with you? So I grab my hairdryer and go about my business. I could see he was moving in different ways to probably hide a boner. My makeup is stored in a lower drawer so I had to bend a little. I was making sure to bend a little more than necessary each time. He raised his eyebrows with a confused look on his face. He surprisingly obliged. Hell, his body looked amazing. I removed my towel and was now standing naked in front of the tile installer who was holding a straight edge.

His eyes got big as onions. He stood up, and slowly took the shorts off. A really thick, erect dick emerged. He kissed me and ran his hands all over my body. We got into the bedroom where I lay on my back at the edge of the bed, he got on his knees and ate me out. He flipped me on my fours, slapped my ass, and entered me. Fuck, I felt his dick up in my stomach. He began thrusting faster while slapping my ass and pulling my hair. We showered together, then I got dressed and left for work. Via Reddit. This is a story from last summer. I rented a cute little cabin about three hours from our apartment in the city.

We took our dog, our photography equipment, and made the short road trip to our weekend location. It was a pretty secluded area. There was a cabin about 50 feet away from us but no one staying there this weekend. It was perfect. The cabin had a hot tub on the back deck which overlooked a vast wooded area. It was absolutely beautiful. As sunset approached, we got into the hot tub with whiskey and wine glasses in hand. As time passed, we went from sitting across from each other to sitting next to each other.

Then we started making out. I was straddling him. First, my bikini top came off. He was kissing me all over.

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It felt so good. Before I knew it, I was completely naked, he was completely naked, and we were intertwined — h e was sucking and squeezing my tits. I was stroking his hard cock. Once inside, the door closed and he pinned me up against a wall. I wrapped my legs around him and he slipped inside of my throbbing wet pussy. We were standing in the kitchen.

He moved me to the island. We changed positions — I was bent over the island while he was going hard from behind. In our drunken and stoned states, we were literally all over the place. For a few minutes, we were on the sofa. Then, a chair. Before long, we were on the floor in the living room and I was bouncing on top of him. He motioned for me to move and he fliped me over to be underneath him.

I love how it feels when he goes as deep as he can, and I had my legs wrapped around him moving my hips up so he could be as deep inside of me as possible. He told me he was about to come and I begged him to come inside of me. I felt him pulsing inside of me and filling me. We were exhausted, both out of breath. We kissed and cuddled for a while then took a shower, kissing and touching each other the entire time. We took turns washing each other all over. Once Hot women in Story were clean, we go to the bedroom for round two.

Then, he tried to go down on me, but I told him it was his birthday and was about him this weekend. But he flipped me over and said he would love to make me feel as good as I made him feel. He proceeded to suck on my clit and kiss, lick and suck me all over until I came — twice. The next morning, we woke up horny again.

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I bounced on his morning wood until he came inside of me for the third time that weekend. Then we eat his birthday cake for breakfast. The husband and I both work in higher education. The campus is quiet. I am working in the library a lot lately, and my husband decided to surprise me with coffee this morning.

We are also recovering from a dead bedroom and trying new things after being married for almost 10 years. Where are you? He sits with me while I tell him about my research and drink the coffee. Then he puts his hand on my thigh under the table.

He slowly starts to rub my thigh and gets closer to my pussy with every movement he makes. Instantly, I am horny. He had to come to see me and be inside of me. He starts fingering me, inserting two fingers into my wet pussy and using his thumb to play with my clit. He moves his head down.

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He pulls my panties to the side. He buries his face into my freshly shaven pussy. I start getting close. Then he comes back up, and effortlessly slides his hard cock into me. I make him lay on the floor and I get into reverse cowgirl position.

He agrees. I am so ready and keep riding and swirling my hips around on top of his dick until I hear and feel him orgasm intensely inside of me. I slowly get up and some of his cum gets on the carpet. We truly left our mark on that study room. No one is around so we are safe! This is a story about Val, and a night marked by my most public hook-up to date. I met Val the way I met most women I sleep with — Tinder.

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I met Val at a local hot pot place in Cambridge. From her photos online, I knew Val was attractive, but seeing her in person was something else. She was gorgeous. When I first met her she was wearing a black sweater — one of those that is massive but still manages to cover almost nothing. Her shoulders and midriff were bare, but the baggy top still managed to swallow her hands whole.


Under her sweater was a simple black bra and, rounding out her outfit was a pair of blue jeans that hugged her body in all the right ways. Val attended one of the million colleges in and around Boston, studying Art History, so we spent most of dinner talking about how Manet was the original troll. I was getting very turned on and I allowed my eyes, and hands, to wander a little.

After dinner, we decided to go for a walk so we started strolling around enjoying the crisp fall evening and wander around campus for a while. At first, it was slow, quick kisses, tentative and searching, quietly stolen in the dark, Hot women in Story before long we both got more daring and more aggressive. Val loved to have her nipples toyed with; they were incredibly sensitive and each tweak elicited soft gasps. With no real options for privacy, we snuck into a little alcove just off of the quad in front of the library. The entryway was downhill and surrounded by walls on three sides.

Before long I had unbuttoned her jeans and my hand was teasing her slick folds. As I teased and toyed with her, I could hear drunk college kids meandering by — not seeing us, for the most part — but it did highlight the risk we were taking. So I kept going. She came two more times on my fingers before she had to tap out. She offered to suck me off before heading home for the night, but as horny as I was, she seemed to be offering more out of a sense of obligation than anything carnal. On top of everything else that bit too much for me. So we parted for the night.

Hot women in Story

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