I want you on my tongue

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There can only be items shown at a time, please add another word to narrow down the result. Midnight Sky s good on my own Uh Lotta years went by with my hands tied up in your ropes Your ropes Forever and ever no more No more The midnight sky is the road I'm takin' Head high up in Flooded flooded Flooded on my wrist out Ooh goin' up goin' up motherland motherland drip on me Ooh melanin melanin Second Emotion ft.

Do you?

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Do you second that emotion? You really got me open Do you? Goodbye o to Hell Bite my tongue bide my time What is it about them? I'm the 10 1. Say My Name ft. That's how much Empty nd I tell my self it's fine but You can't fool your body you can only fool your mind yuh Empty I just need to be empty Hide from anybody who'll Bite My Tongue mas LA hey hey I 15 7. It Won't Kill Ya why do I bite my tongue?

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Oh I wanna know ya I'm lookin' around the room Is one of those strangers you? And do you notice me too? Oh I wanna know ya I Ooh I wanna know ya Oh dance wi 16 1.

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It's just a hypothesis or test that I should not exist Don't you love me now? There's me in the doo You'd rather talk it out I'd rather disconnect Slippery feat. Gucci Mane niggas on my radar watch watchin' Crocodile hunter turn'em to some gator shots urr Iced out watch ice ridin' round ten o'clock ten Ridin' Slippery she numbin' me that tongue on me Honestly honest she fuck with me your wife to be wife In Italy bought her a fur look like the wildebeest rarr Just ch Nail the Casket Thanks for Nothing e to grab my stuff Why do girls take turns in leaving me to burn?

Without Reason ere again Bite my tongue Be your friend And I can just pretend you're not the one You left me here for no good reason[Verse2] Lonely at Big Sleep y goodbye Bite your tongue as I smile ear to ear Taste the iron in the air Enjoy the big sleep You've gotten yourself elbow deep Close your eyes and gri Heart With A Hole ust can't bite my tongue Something's burning inside and it has anchored me down to the bottom of this blackened sea I love you.

I need you All that re I'm trying to distance I'm trying to distance my self from these thoughts bu 24 8. Second Hand Smoke igarettes My knees gave out the second time around As this bottle emptied straight into And when my lungs become ca 25 1. Cold to chill my bones It feels like I don't know you anymore I don't understand why you're so cold to me With every breath you breathe I see ther Levine] Cold enough to chill my bones It feels like I don't know you anymore I don't understand why you're so cold to me With every breath you breathe I see ther Marking the Heart of a Serpent Hear my tongue my heaving lungs Expelling notes open throat Sing your secrets I'll be your healer Writhe that body to the ceiling Read Catalyst ight from my mouth And it's a shame that it didn't turn out the way you said So I took everything that's left inside this head And I let it ou You had your hands around my neck Or so you thought I saw your true face You're nothing more then the fuel to Negative Space looks in my neighbors' eyes You reflect me in my negative space Please forgive me for the time you'll waste If you let me I'll give you a taste Everyone eventually lets you down Here Comes The Night he leaves my side Maybe she's the light the light my eyes Cause everything looks old and tired when she leaves Feasting On The Flowers not hear my best friend call He was feeling incomplete about to take his final fall Last thing I remember there were tears of blood and just It's a light so bright that I bite my tongue I do and I don't well I do and I don't Oh yeah The next dimension show me in We were moving in the world expanding your reali Lockjaw min Diehl My nigga on the road You never told me Montana It be hard to watch the cash when the bands keep droppin' Got the big40 on me so I ain't even tryna talk cause my jaw keep lockin' She ain't tryna be a freak but them bands keep poppin' Still caught up in the streets And the feds still k 33 6.

Polyhymnia u kick in my teeth? Burn all my songs leave me out on the street Polly won't you stand on Do what you have to I'll write you a check You tell me Law 'm living my life like the rules of the game and they calling the40 a law Money with money with all of Money with money with all of my homies ain't fucking with none of these bro Hustling just to show out for these bitches you lost In love but you ain't never g I want you on my tongue feat.

I ain't even tryna talk cause my jaw keep lockin' She ain't tryna be a freak but them bands keep poppin' Still caught up in the streets And the feds sti 36 7. I ain't even tryna talk cause my jaw keep lockin' She ain't tryna be a freak but them bands keep poppin' Still caught up in the streets And the feds sti 37 8. Bite Your Tongue o-Go3. And now I need my speakers blown From gettin' cussed out Then I'll play A smoking gun razor blade on tongue Mind games just for fun should've hit it and run Caught o 40 4.

Seize Power on to it My hammer it hit you how you spinning Finished line tape around Map On A Wall of me of my crooked smile and my crowded teeth of my pigeon feet of my knobby knees. Well I got more problems than not. But I feel fine and I made up But I feel fine and I made up my mind to live happily feeling beautiful beneath the trees above a ground that's solid at the core.

Oh please don't make fun of me. But I am alive and I made up my mind to live fearlessly running wild beneath the trees above a ground that's solid at the core. Alone one I bite my tongue just to cough it up I count my blessings just to slander my luck I'm feeling good but I want it to stop Kinda like it at the bottom Wanna get to the top I just wanna be alone I just wanna b Hold Me Down be i dont bite I call you babe just to be polite And if you tell me yes then it's a green light I kiss your body and lick you with ice I perfo Sleepdrone Superposition feat.

Perez h a sharp tongue And the beats crack And he bite s back With shark teeth And he eats that That black blocker That can't stop when the coppers creep And I don't show up I'm trash All In Hands on my face cause I'm all in double zeros I am all in I'm just a kid come from nothing I see your family got something Dragging your fee I'm having trouble trying to bite my tongue again Breathing in don't think that I can just Same Air n kicking my freaking addiction. Flowing through my veins The anger like a I want you on my tongue it bite s me like a rattle rattle.

Everyone and everything Every soul every being The same air we all are breathing: One shared pulse co I hate that I can hate so Well 48 Bolo Tie aris shed my shell Swam in oceans felt the scales Put Psychopomp you say I bite my tongue I'm not waiting for this chance- You become the master You become the evidence When you say I Why am I here? What is my purpose in life 50 7.

Aftermath the same My scars are closing My heart is open I am not afraid I'm ready to breathe again I'm beginning to catch Lune g through my veins[Pre-Chorus] Heavy eyes like a tongue won't stutter Mouths are moving and this heart's still fluttering I'm on I will make a change It's by my words and not my n 53 1.

Aggressive e hell in my head I'm way too aggressive The nervous ticks the twitch in Are you ruling with an iron fist? Rejoice in your sickness Men Will you force your drugs? Will you still be here? Chew us up spit us out You know what you're breeding Lost aggressive yout Restless t control my body is paralyzed my mind is blurred on the ground like a fallen leaf fallen from the trembling tree not living just killing time I'm afraid to lose w Godface hips and bite your lips I am now a thousand of you Come with me an dbare your teeth Your eyes ware white like the dust Of your bones and your You and Less Than a Heartbreak 'm losing my grip on the setting sun I don't need this whatever's between us So here's to you and here's to me Everything will never I want you on my tongue will n Connect at times i wish that i could disappear in these walls they're getting nearer fearless w Faster he tip of my tongue you taste like sunlight and strawberry bubble gum you Boomerang e To keep my chin held high And be brave I used to close And be brave I used to close my eyes Bite my tongue But now my fear Has gone away You held my head down Didn't let me breathe But look who's drowning now You hear that loud sound Screaming out and free Won't give up even if it Takes me all night Take Tell me what to do[Chorus:] I don't want to Governed by Contagions sen every tongue [Refrain1] How many bite s do you think it takes to get to the cyanide tooth?

Brace yourself Brace yourself my darling Brace yourself my love[Verse2] Smuggled in their faith like an orbit in decay Drools the cloying adulation of the piss ants One shot for every snit Brace you 62 4. Twitching in the Auras I use to bite my own tongue and let the blood fill until it' 63 I meet With frien 64 2. Sleeper ge Hoping my fall lands into a familiar place A familiar face can we leave this space?

Tongue Twister - Cash Cash feat. Bim lyrics

It reminds me of all It reminds me of all my mistakes All my mistakes Bite my tongue Vision spins Living life from the cutter's skin Sent to be an ungrateful son Cant you see Bury my head to hide from reality I'll make a new name for Bonfire And I'll bite my tongue And screw your heart. And I can' 71 3. If I'm The Devil… l.

Grouplove - Tongue Tied [OFFICIAL VIDEO]

If you bite your thumb you better pray I bite my tongue. Where I'm from we throw hands t 72 9. If I'm the Devil Nicotine Love you pull my hair back Go ahead breathe me in Bite me til I bleed This love is like barbed wire running through Nicotine Love What it does to me so here's my plan After everything you put me thru Don't know what you expect me to do I won't waste Collapse threaten my well-being The wind will rise and fall But never sway from side to side Progression halted Encapsulating the fluid weave of death No Filter feat.

It's Over can take my time we can take it slow I can take you high you can take it low We can make it right I'll be your space to grow Whatever's on yo Young Chasers soles of my feet So I was young for only a heartbeat We'll

I want you on my tongue

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