Im looking for a valentine

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Register here. My finger hovered over my mouse - should I? For online speed dating. My friends used the pandemic as the nudge they needed to move in together, and a few even welcomed lockdown newborns - both canine and human.

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Not me. Irked at still feeling trapped in the starting block of Big Life Moments aged 34, I distracted myself with basic DIY, gallows humour pandemic memes and Netflix bingeing. I was busy instead of getting busy.

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My ex was a workmate who became a boyfriend, and after we split up, he remained a good friend. Then there was openly rude one who machine-gunned insults at me all night long before launching with a mouthful of slobber at Angel tube.

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I must have bought into that wide-eyed romantic ideal peddled by Hollywood that meeting a decent bloke would just happen, as sure as paying taxes. Maybe a meet-cute when I popped to the shops one day, both of us chuckling as we reached for the last block of feta. Or a good-natured work rivalry that turned into something more.

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Covid has done many things, not least given us all the hepace to take stock of our lives. While B. I was happily swanning around London and working my way through a packed social diary, the pandemic has stolen a crucial year of my thirties. The relation-ship has not quite sailed, but it is boarding and I need to get my skates on lest I find myself sitting on the dock on my tod.

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Just Some One. It sounds promising: potential matches beamed straight into my living room from all over the UK. Pros: no navigating icy pavements in treacherous heels. Cons: chit-chatting into a small screen for four hours, becoming more incoherent with every steadying sip of prosecco. If it all goes belly up, my exit is as easy as killing the power on my laptop and picking up where I left off with those box sets.

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Im looking for a valentine

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