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The one struggle of being a woman who re is that you want to read everything.

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Between near-constant recommendations of amazing memoirs, new sequels and a terrifyingly long list of bookmarked Internet longre, it can be stressful to choose what you should pick up next. These books by women are just a few of the incredible titles published recently — an exhaustive list would be hundreds of books longer. Those listed here are some of the most-discussed, thought-provoking and life-changing books from a diverse group of women writers.

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They make you rethink what being a feminist means, offer life advice to women of all ages, and reinforce your long-held belief that Tina and Amy should be your best friends and life coaches forever. The novels are some of the finest writing from woman authors. Here are 21 books published in the past 5 years that all women should read: Americanah by Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie. Americanah is indeed a novel about being black in the 21st century — in America, Great Britain and Africa, while answering a want ad, choosing a lover, hailing a cab, eating collard greens, watching Barack Obama on television — but you could also call it a novel of immigration and dislocation, just about every tinged with faint loneliness.

Donna Tartt has delivered an extraordinary work of fiction.

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Nothing is lonelier than being separated. Cut yourself in half. See how that feels and you will stop wanting a twin.

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Her approach is not strictly reporting, nor is it a full-blown memoir. And survivors, as we all know, can be the most dangerous people of all.

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Her last, On Beautymanaged to be interesting about aesthetics as well as about race and compassion, and the prose was well turned and sweet-natured to match. The themes in NW are more radical and the language more fractured. Though it remains absolutely rooted, stuck to the map, contexts change and narrative styles shift.

This is a book in which you never know how things will come together or what will happen next.

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The first half takes place entirely within the foot-square room in which a young woman has spent her last seven years since being abducted aged Raped repeatedly, she now has a five-year-old boy, Jack, and it is with his voice that Donoghue tells their story. It also raises sometimes uncomfortable questions with no clear-cut answers about whether people should be remunerated for their physical, genetic contributions to research and about the role of profit in science. The slum dwellers have a skillful and empathetic chronicler in Boo, who depicts them in all their humanity and ruthless, resourceful glory.

For most of 40 years he has lived alone, tending the orchard where he grew up with his mother and sister. His mother died when he was still very young, and his sister disappeared as a young woman — a loss Talmadge has never quite recovered from. And it may be that secret pain that prompts him to take care of two pregnant teenagers who wander onto his property looking for food.

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Someone who wants to find a lasting romantic connection may play a tremendous role in creating a life of romantic isolation. To this end, unresolved conflicts can lead people to choose unsuitable partners and deeply unsatisfying relationships. The Lowland demonstrates in meticulous detail that facing painful dimensions from the past and acknowledging family secrets is often the key to finding true happiness.

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Must-read books by women, as chosen by our readers