Lifestyle in San Diego, California.

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San Diego is one of the most beautiful and cleanest cities in Americamaking it hard to imagine that living in San Diego would have too many downsides. And make no mistake, life in San Diego is peachy most of the time for plenty of folks, but is moving to San Diego right specifically for you?

The list below is based on my personal experience, so keep in mind that not everyone will feel the same way about these pros and cons. I lived in Portland, Oregon where most of my plans revolved around rain and the forever looming gray clouds which I grew to love, but still — constant rainfall is hard to manage.

But California., who can complain about spending Christmas under a palm tree? The outdoor recreation was a big draw for me and a huge factor in my decision to move to San Diego. After two years of living San Diego I still find myself amazed at the plethora of outdoor activities. In fact, I was surprised to learn that a ton of my coworkers start the day Lifestyle in San Diego surfing before starting the work day. I mean, how many other cities give you the opportunity to surf before starting the workday?

Also, yoga culture is huge in San Diego. Most of my new friends start the weekend at the beach either sunbathing or surfing. Plus, more often than not, an evening meal is walked off along the sandy shoreline. Living in San Diego means that quality sunscreen is non-negotiable. With more than 7, restaurants within city limitsSan Diego is guaranteed to please foodies looking to call this city home.

But make no mistake, Mexican food takes the cake. Tacos are a way of life and completely acceptable for breakfast, lunch and dinner.

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I consider myself a serious foodie my lifestyle and travel revolve around meals — ha! San Diego is home to more than local breweries, suffice it to say that beer culture is a huge perk of living in San Diego. Ale Smith Brewing Company was ranked the 6th best brewery in the world in I highly recommend trying Modern Times, their sours are out of this world. With an impressive population of 1. San Diego knows how to impress many different interests and palates.

Take, for instance, Balboa Park — the largest cultural urban park in the country.

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Boasting 15 museums, beautiful art galleries, botanical gardens and California. world-famous San Diego Zoo. One of my favorite things about living in San Diego is the easy-going and laid-back culture of the locals. I guess living near a beach does that to you. The relaxed vibes inherent to beach towns imbues the entire city with a slower pace, which varies drastically from our larger northern sister, Los Angeles. The median age in San Diego is San Diego is a great place to raise a family because the public schools are some of the best in the country.

Time and time again, San Diego makes the list as having one of the highest homeless populations in the country.

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The discrepancy between the haves and the have-nots is painstakingly clear on the streets and practically impossible to avoid. Clocking in at an arresting state income tax up to The high tax rate should be taken into strong consideration while considering if moving to San Diego is right for you because it will greatly reduce your take-home pay. If helpful, below is a chart that show the state income tax depending on your income bracket. Unlike other large cities, the public transportation infrastructure in San Diego is not effective, in my opinion. The fact of the matter is that San Diego is a car-centric city and parking is an absolute bear as a result.

Due to the severe parking problems, some of my coworkers have started trading in their cars for scooters and motorcycles to avoid the hassle of finding parking and paying heavily for it. Oh, and lest I forget, California has some of the highest gas prices in the country to boot. Lack of transportation is a huge con of living in San Diego. This goes hand-in-hand with San Diego being a car-centric city, but the constant traffic is such a hassle. Thankfully the downtown area is walk-able, but getting there is another story. Considering the population of San Diego is 1.

In sum, these are the honest pros and cons of living in San Diego, based on firsthand experience. And there you have it! I hope you found this list of the pros and cons of living in San Diego helpful. One of my biggest disappointment coming here was the impact of Mexico on the city that boarders the country.

Food was one of the biggest shockers. Los Angeles Mexican cuisine is by far better and more authentic than San Diegos. Just my thought. You are right on with the pros and cons of living in San Diego. Vacation is the way to experience it. Del Mar horseracing is great mid-July to Labor Day. Take Harbor Dr to get downtown. I live in San Diego, I travel everywhere via public transportation, there is seldom a time that I cannot get to where I need to go on the buses and trolley system and San Diego is constantly building more trolley lines, newest due to open in a couple of years Covid caused delays.

Yes it takes a Lifestyle in San Diego time to get most places but it does in any city that has public transportation. I get to all my many appointments, go shopping and I socialize all on public transit. That includes tables, chairs, paints, in brushes, canopy, balloons, and balloon pump. A ton of buskers do it, every day. Our public transportation is a Pro! If you are reading this and want to visit California.

Diego, do, and try the bus and trolley system. It is one of the best in the many places I have lived in my almost half century. I agree. I live downtown SD and my car stays parked most of the time in the garage of the complex. What are your guys thoughts on IB area for living? I grew up close to IB and they have built it up over the last several decades. Only problem is the beach water is constantly polluted by sewage from tijuana. If you work from home you Lifestyle in San Diego have to worry about traffic. This is a great list. I just moved out of SD to San Francisco last year-two months before lockdown.

I had lived in San Diego since Your pros and cons are spot on. The only thing Lifestyle in San Diego regret about living in San Diego for so long was the compensation.

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If you are a recent college grad I would recommend moving to a city with a more powerful economy. I can also say SD politics are a little red for my taste. SDUSD is horrible and an embarrassment to education. Other than that decent list I say as a native SD. I agree with most everything except transportation. San Diego has great transportation to take you anywhere and still coming out with more Lifestyle in San Diego for faster service. I have traveled to many states in the US during the last year.

I have found many other State and cities more beautiful! And so clean. But I like green and waking up to sunshine. I have lived in San Diego for many years on and off, we live in an expensive area near downtown it is so dirty the freeways are covered with trash and various encampment items, encampment fires are seen in canyons often. But if you are ok with overcast cool summers great. I look forward to living elsewhere. I moved to SD inbefore climate change. Then, the weather was perfect year round. Summers are now hot and humid. Warm days, cool nights I used to wear jackets at night in the summer!

That is gone for ever. I never had a place with air conditioning. This is not heaven, not even close and in retirement soon, I will have to depart to survive. I want to add a comment about SD public transportation. You can definitely find some rentable units and homes for less than what Lifestyle in San Diego mentioned. You will just be farther away from the coast.

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Just a note on schools- this should definitely be under the cons section. They are truly terrible. I have experienced it first hand with my own daughter.

Lifestyle in San Diego, California.

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