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There are 20 different puzzles for both the and charts. This activity is perfect for helping students build new relationships at the beginning of the year. The anonymity boosts confidence and allows students to approach new friendships without judgment! Essentially, at the beginning of the school year, Looking for friend ad write an advertisement sharing the qualities they look for in a friend.

This not only helps them think deeply about what they are searching for in a good friend, but what they, in turn, can offer their friend in that relationship. I then move on to the next three questions, allowing for 4 or 5 responses to each question. Once we have laid the foundation for our conversation, I can begin to introduce the friendship advertisements. Some of you are new to our school. You may be looking around at all new faces and wondering who you will call friend in a few days time.

Some of you are in this classroom, but your best friend is in another classroom. You may be wondering how you are going to make it through this year without them. Others may look around the classroom and see many familiar friends, but know that you can never have too many! The goal is that we will all be friends in this classroom, but I know that you may grow closer to some than others. We are going to be writing advertisements to share what we are looking for in a new friend, and what kind of friend we think we can be for someone else.

At this point my students usually look at each other with a confused face… you gotta love getting that look from your WHOLE class!

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I assure them it will be okay, because I have an example to share with them. I make sure to answer a few lingering questions, and I set them off to writing! When they have all finished, and they all feel confident in theirI type them out. This creates a little flap that allows the name to be unveiled. That way, when I post all of these beautiful advertisements to my bulletin board, students can read theand lift the flaps of any that seem like a potential friend and find out who it is! Exciting right? I absolutely love this!

Believe it or not, I want to use this with my 7th graders…I think it would help them break out of their comfort zones a little and consider making friends with people outside their circles. And, of course, I will make them type it themselves! I love this too! I cannot wait to use this with my fifth graders.

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Is it possible to get the template as well? Jillian, you have launched an exciting idea in me for community building at the beginning of the year. Is the template available for sharing? Jillian, thank you for this amazing idea! I hope to use this at the start of fifth grade for my class. Is it possible to get the template you used? Love this idea!

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I would love to do this the first week of school with my fifth graders. Can I please get the template? Love this idea, setting a positive atmosphere from the get-go. Could you also send me the template you use? I plan to use this with my fifth grade class this September. Thanks for the great idea.

Hi Jillian!


I also saved their hand-written drafts to hand back at the end of the year to see how much their writing had improved! Is there somewhere I can download it?

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Thanks for sharing such a fun activity! This is a wonderful, inventive writing idea! I love the sample ad you included!! Would you please advise where I might find the template if it is available? Thank you for sharing such a valuable idea!! Hi Roselle! Hi Danielle! Hi Sue! Hi Briana! Hi Heather! This is great! It will be difficult at the beginning and I think everything will get better and better as time goes on. So glad I stumbled across this. Much stronger message about being a friend when it comes from the students and acknowledges and gives hope to those that feel friendless.

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Thank you. I love this! I will be teaching 4th grade next year and this sounds like a great way to start year. Is there a template? Thank you for the great idea. Thank you in advance for your consideration. Love it! Perhaps it can be used longer than a week! This way they can continue to add friends. Love it and cannot wait to use it!!!! Would you be so kind to share the template with me too?

Jillian, I love this idea! I teach first graders and although this activity looks like it is geared for higher grades, I am going to interview each one and type it up for them. I hope to keep it simple. I love how you talk about making friends and keeping friends! Thank you! Hi Karen! Then, once I had them all printed, we read a few aloud each day so that everyone could access them! Notify me of follow-up comments by. Notify me of new posts by. This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed. Thank you for stopping by my little corner of the internet!

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I am a struggling student turned passionate educator. My experiences in school have shaped how I approach teaching and connecting with my students. of my story here. Give it to me! Gratefully, Christy. Do you have a template for this? I would love to use it with my 5th graders this year.

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the Fun.

Looking for friend ad

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