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Calling all you relationship experts! Our friend Matthew has raised a common problem and asks you to put on your Judge Judy robes again. And thanks for the nice words about our site. It really made it easier and not scary.

25 RULES To Follow When Living With ROOMMATES

It was obviously B. It was tough to approach my roommate about this because, after all, it was his lady love. I never said anything I should have and Looking for roommate gf sucked. What is the best way an annoyed roommate can approach that without offending? Save my name,and website in this browser for the next time I comment. If your roommate is immature they will overreact, if they are mature they will be understanding. This seems like a great place to vent your frustrations. It was really comfortable and I enjoyed it. He got a girlfriend about three months after I moved in, and on about their third date, she stayed the night, and then just never left.

She gets up early so now he also gets up early, and they both get home before me. Meanwhile, my boyfriend, who lives on the other side of the country, has stayed a total of about 6 nights at my place over the last 6 months, and on one of those valuable nights before the girlfriendwe had the decency to ask my housemate to us to eat dinner and watch a movie. We lived together for over 4 years until he got a serious girlfriend, and of course she started to come everyday. I was actually really disturbed by their noise and no privacy. Then they started to give me the weird pressure without any clear words to kick me out so that she could take over my room and live together.

At the same time my boyfriend and I became serious too, so it was kind of weird to share an apartment with a guy friend for each other anyway, so I ended up moving out. I moved to a new place that another couple owned a year ago. Both of them were decent people with a common sense so it was very comfortable to live with them until 3 months ago. But while the girl was away for her work trip the boy started to bring another girl all the sudden, and they ended up breaking up after she came back from the trip.

I only use the kitchen when they sleep or my boyfriend comes over here to make him something to eat.

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I absolutely feel your pain here. I recently moved in with my boyfriend and his roommate because my lease ended early. I have a few months left with the two guys until my boyfriend and I find our own place. My roommate recently got a new girlfriend and MY is she annoying. She has this aura around her that is so unlikable. She even swings by before her work shift while nobody is home!! What a bitch. She often takes over the kitchen making food and never shares. She would spend hours in the kitchen. God help this woman. So my housemate has a new girlfriend…she walked right in without knocking…he has her over a few times every few weeks.

Yesterday he said they would be bringing her dog over so they can go out on a date…they were gone till late at night! I had to take the dog out several times to go bathroom and keep him company.

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Last time she stayed over my boyfriend and I had the flu!!! She had the nerve to ask me how I was feeling and ask me what my symptoms were…I did not want to come into contact with anyone or be put on the spot! But a week or two after we moved in he started to bring his new girlfriend over. She seemed nice at first but then it all went down hill.

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One of my roommates has a boyfriend who is always here. When he is here it is loud and annoying because they are talking and making strange noises.

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He is staying almost every night. Sometimes they start cooking at 2 am or watching TV at 1 am. It is Sunday evening, 11 pm, and they just started watching TV in the living room. Tomorrow is the first day of class. I hate them so much I could cry and it makes me sooooo homesick I am an exchange student!!!! The walls are very thin and I can hear every whisper, also when they are in her room and the room is on the opposite site of the apartment. He got a new female roommate 2 months before I came out to visit. The first time I met her we all went for a hike and her male friend stayed the week too.

I thought we all hit it off. We are hardly at his apartment. Maybe 1 to 2 nights a week. We make dinner, offer her food, and clean up. She texted my boyfriend a picture of a clean glass he left out while we were out of town for 11 days. I offered to go for a walk, but my boyfriend stood up for me and told her to say it with me there.

My boyfriend had given her a schedule prior to my arrival of the nights we were going to Looking for roommate gf at the apartment. She texts my boyfriend for every little thing. Hi there, my flat mates girl friend has been staying in our flat for a while now and moved her things in.

She is only paying half of his room rent but uses facilities in the flat etc. Thanks very much and look forward to hearing your advice. Hey Charlie! Thanks for commenting! This has come up, with me and my roommates, over and over again throughout the years. After much careful deliberation, it seems the only fair way to break it up, where everybody feels equal, is by sharing utilities equally.

Tiny resentments build up, and you end up hating each other! But whatever communication style works best for you!

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I hope your situation works itself out! Just remember you have every right to stand up for your own happiness and satisfaction, while helping others enjoy theirs. Hi, so I recently moved to a new city and ed a lease for a room in a two bedroom condo i checked out a couple months before I moved. I skyped with the girl I was to share the place with before I ed the lease.

I was fine with this as I live in a state where weed is legal. Issue 2 She asked a few weeks ago if her new guy could move in via txt and I politely said no because I am not comfortable living with a guy I dont know. She took offense to this. Ever since she has had him over EVERY single night and they have been smoking so much pot that the upstairs all the way down to the entry and kitchen have been smelling like weed.

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She should respect the agreement we had upon ing our leases, which was she was not going to smoke pot in the house and that she would spend her time at his place and not ours. I am now living in a student apartment, sharing a kitchen and bathroom with one housemate. We have separate bedrooms. I really do not like visitors around my apartment, especially when the girlfriend talks real loud, and when my housemate and his gf watch a movie loud. But what annoys me most is their loud sex.

I am not on really good terms with him, but this is the only place I have to stay.

Looking for roommate gf

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