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I am pretty confident that Ansley Park which is a very gay-friendly neighborhood, that is not the issue will have a lot Male strip club in atlanta say about this new development given the existing noise issues they are dealing with for the current bars already who generally ignore the fact that they are adjacent to a single family neighborhood. The owner of this complex could care less this is the one part not owned by Seligbut I am a little surprised the new tenant did not do their homework a bit more before ing a lease Even if Ansley doesn't object which I'm sure it willthis property is zoned C-1 and "adult establishment" is not a permitted use.

Even if the zoning district was right, it is within feet of a park and would violate that zoning rule. I hope he didn't a lease. I like the way everyone wants to turn into a building and zoning official. Why not promote new business or you could be complaining that it dries up and the single family homes will be your only tax revenues and drive to buckhead to go shopping. Some of you are really stuck in 10th grade. Other than that good luck MATT! I live right behind there. I heard about this but didn't believe it. Talked to my attorney today and he is getting in touch with the NPU, s and Permits for the City, and I am calling my councilman tomorrow.

There is NO parking as it is. It TOO loud as it is, and you cannot open a "gogo" bar legally in new locations. I am not putting up with this crap. Especially if it is illegal. You guys sound fun. You live in the City! Move to a cul-de-sac in Alpharetta if you don't like noise. Said no one ever. Get the stick out of your ass and enjoy life. Seriously, go live in the suburbs if you want to be sheltered.

The zoning comments have a point. I'd be very surprised if this type of use is permitted in this location, especially directly on the Beltline and across from a future expansion of Piedmont Park. I couldn't care less about the parking whine. People need to take rideshare to bars and nightlife or park in Ansley Square and walk over. Truly sounds like some business owners are coming on here anonymous and posting hateful comments. This bar is complete in compliance and I know Matt knows all the rules and will be in compliance.

Maybe if the neighboring bars should step up like the other bars on the city. There are a reason people dont go there often You sound like a jealous business owner in the strip mall. I would truly hate to be your bitter self. Good luck trying to get this stopped.

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See you there. Family neighborhood? Great job and welcome back to Atlanta!! Oh, stop complaint! Get over it!! Matt has clearly stated that this is NOT a strip club!

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Stop with all of the unnecessary antics! He is a very professional business owner. Please give him the respect that he deserves! See you there, girlfriend! The following uses are prohibited in the C-1 zone: A. Industrial and manufacturing uses; B.

Kennels and keeping of livestock or poultry; C. Adult entertainment establishments.

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The city councilman for zone C1 Your friend "you know him so well" he is a she. And she knows this Anyone citing zoning code If you do a Google search using the search term "Zone C-1 The restrictions listed for Seems like their are kennels in that exact same shopping center at the pet place down on the end.

So how did those get by the zoning. Wow, lots of PPL freaking out.

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Drive by Swinging Richards--you cannot hear the music even in the quiet parking lot and the gayelles are not going to negatively impact the gay neighborhood. Matt's a good guy, too. Post a Comment. A new gay strip club is slated to open later this year in a former midtown furniture store.

Domestic Comfort closed last year after about a decade in business. The new club, an offshoot of a similar club by the same name in Ft. Lauderdale, is being opened by bodybuilder, DJ, model, and entrepreneur Matt Colunga. Johnsons will span about 8, square feet, reportedly a bit smaller than west midtown hotspot Swinging Richards, but does size really matter?

Colunga is no stranger to the gay community in Atlanta, as for more than a decade, he was the manager and DJ at Swinging Richards. Colunga left Atlanta several years ago to open a Swinging Richards outpost in south Florida before eventually branching out on his own to open Johnsons in Wilton Manors, a suburb of Ft. Lauderdale, in The title is seemingly misleading as according to those who have seen it and visited his Florida club, unlike at Swinging Richards, his dancers strip down to basically nothing, but do not get completely nude. Culunga reportedly sees his club as sexier and more tasteful than others.

Playboy thought sexy [not nude] could sell inbut by they had returned to their naked ways. Johnsons will likely benefit from its proximity to the heart of the "gayborhood" and Colunga's Male strip club in atlanta to the area.

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With a former furniture store now on its way to becoming a gay strip club and a neighboring former Pier 1 Imports becoming the new home of Richard's Variety, it will be interesting to see what other big box retail spaces become as this year of closures progresses. Are you pleased to hear that a third male strip club is coming to metro Atlanta? Have you been to Johnsons? What big box chain retailer do you think will be next to close stores?

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Male strip club in atlanta

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