New to the city making friends

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Whether for professional or personal reasons, moving to a new city can be overwhelming. And, depending on where you move to, that can also mean navigating a totally new culture, mastering transport public or otherwiseand even learning a new language.

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As an American who has willingly chosen to live most of her adult life abroad the U. Get in touch with everyone in your network, acquaintance or otherwise, so you cast an even wider net. A good friend of mine from the States who now lives in Switzerland with her husband was on a surf and yoga retreat last summer in Portugal where they met another couple, both German, who happened to live in Hamburg. They got on super well, exchanged contact information, and when my American friend heard I was moving to Hamburg, she promptly put me in touch with her German friend via WhatsApp.

We met for a coffee soon after connecting and the following weekend, she even invited me to her birthday party. Sometimes all it takes is just one person who can help you spread those social butterfly wings. This one can also be done before you actually move or when you first arrive in your new city.

Having recently moved with my boyfriend from the German countryside to the big city of Hamburg, I was admittedly concerned about how I would make new friends. So, one of the first things I decided to do before moving to Hamburg was the official Expats in Hamburg group on Facebook. Sure, there are some odd Facebook groups out there for newbies but many are surprisingly helpful—especially for asking questions e. So why not give it a go? You never know if your new bestie will be seated on the yoga mat next to yours.

True story, this is how I met another German friend of mine. For those of you living abroad, I can also highly recommend ing an expat club. If you do happen to move to a new city for your job, take full advantage of your built-in social network, aka your colleagues. Feel a little awkward asking what their plans are for after work? Start by testing the waters and asking the one s you get on with New to the city making friends out for lunch.

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If not? No worries. Personally speaking, work was how I made so many of my lasting friendships. If you stay open and honest about your moving experience, good things tend to come your way. When you allow yourself to be a little vulnerable, this often resonates with those who were, at some point, in your shoes. After you move to your new city, take the time to really explore your immediate surroundings.

This gives you the chance to not only check out all the nearby spots but also the chance to meet some of your fellow locals. When we first moved, I was desperate for a manicure and I noticed thank you, Google! After perusing their website, I realized the owner was born in Chicago.

Since my German is nicht so gut not so greatI started following the salon on Instagram and direct messaged, asking if I could make an appointment for a manicure. The owner of the salon got back to me right away and said it was no problem to speak in English. Fast forward to now? This salon has become my go-to for manicures and yes, I get a hug from the owner every time I come in. Hamburg is an entirely different New to the city making friends. Plus, our German neighbor one floor down has also become a new friend, just because a package of hers had been dropped off at our apartment while she was at work and she came by to pick it up.

Real-life scenarios like this are rare but they do happen. The takeaway? New friendships can blossom anywhere, even in your apartment building. As a born-and-bred American who now resides in Germany, Erin is a freelance writer nearly 10 years of copywriting experience from her time in Stockholm, Sweden, and New York City.

A self-professed storyteller with a serious case of wanderlust, she has a penchant for all things fashion, film, food, and travel. BY Erin Huebscher - August 6, Hey Erin thanks for the great ideas! Haha at least when the pandemic allows a bit more socializing!

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I am surprised the word COVID is not mentioned once in this article… Anything related to meeting up with strangers, aside from the as horrible as ever, but slightly worse than pre-COVID, online dating platforms, is virtually non-existent. Especially IRL as mentioned. I have moved to a new city many times before. Not this time. Non-dating friendship building is absolutely dead, with no end in sight.

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New to the city making friends

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5 Tips for How to Make Friends in a New City