Portugal female name

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Last Updated on April 1, While it is common for us to have a first name, a middle name and a surname, in Portugal the traditions are slightly different! The Portuguese generally prefer to have two first names followed by two surnames which come from their maternal and paternal sides. In this post, we present 50 classic Portuguese baby names for girls that are unique and charming!

Here is the Portugal female name of common girl names in Portugal. These names are trendy, unique, and beautiful, and here you can find baby girl names with meaning:. Agueda is also the name of a city in Portugal. Aline is also the feminine form of the name Allen. A cute nickname for this name would be Elle! Aurora was the name of the Roman goddess of dawn! Cassandra was the name of a prophetess, who had predicted the fall of Troy but was ignored by everyone. Cintia is a name of Greek origin, and it was another name of the Greek moon goddess Artemis. A sophisticated, feminine name that is popular amongst English, Italian, and Portuguese people.

Some of the cute nicknames for Clarissa would be Clare, Clara, or Clarie. This is an exotic Spanish name that sounds cute for young girls. A beautiful feminine name that is popular all across the world!

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This is a name of French origin and has many variations including Caroline, Carol, Carla. In spite of a slightly disturbing meaning, the name is quite popular amongst Portuguese. A touch of royalty to this name is what makes it all the more charming! Diana was also the name of the Roman goddess of childbirth, hunting, forests and Portugal female name. Edite is an ancient name that has multiple meanings.

It is a variation of the name Edith. It is a variant of the Greek name Iphigenia. As per Greek mythology, Efigenia was the name of the daughter of Agamemnon. Evora is also the name of a city in Portugal which was ruled by the Romans! Frances or Franca would both serve well as a nickname! Gabriela is quite popular all across the world! The classic French version of this name is Genevieve! A close variant Helen was the name of the beautiful wife of King Sparta who caused the Trojan war!

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An incredibly sweet name for girls, Isabel will never lose its charm! It has many variants in different languages, including Jolanda, Jolantha, and Jolanta. Other variants of the name include Iris or Irene! An English variant of this name is another beautiful name, Agnes!

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The laurel tree is symbolic of honour and victory and the name Laurel is another version of this name. A sweet feminine name with an even beautiful meaning! Thi name became quite famous as a Shakespearian character.

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Another variant of this name is Matilda! With this name, you will never fall short of nicknames, and some nicknames include Portugal female name and Zinha. Nelinha is the feminine form of the names Emmanuel or Immanuel. There is also a village in the northwest of Portugal of the same name. The masculine version of this name is Renato. The Sabine tribe lived in the central Apennines of ancient Italy.

A sleek, feminine, and sophisticated name that will never go out of style! Another variant of the name is Sophia! It is derived from the Latin clan name Tatius, and it was also the name of a Roman saint. Two cute nicknames of Teresinha would be Teres and Inha. Here ends the list of unique names for your baby girl. We hope that you find each Portuguese name to your liking and would find the perfect one for your little princess! in.

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Portugal female name

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