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New three-year partnership helps BGCWPA expand access to AI and robotics education to more students, particularly in traditionally untapped and underrepresented communities.

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By Tonie Hansen. Meet Paige Frank: Avid hoopster, Python coder and robotics enthusiast. I wanted to be a hair stylist as a kid, which is also cool, but AI is clearly important for our future!

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And it was exciting to actually see our programming in action as the Jetbot robot navigated the maze we created for the project. AI is spreading rapidly.


But a major challenge to developing AI skills is access to hands-on learning and adequate computing resources. The AI Pathways Toolkit aims to make AI and robotics curriculum accessible for all students, even those without coding experience.

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Another obstacle to AI skills development can be perception. The AIPI is a part of its effort to provide young people with the tools needed to activate and advance their potential.

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The camp attendees also created a hands-on project using the Jetson Nano developer kit and Jetbot robotics toolkit. The pilot in included two local summer camps with a focus on historically underrepresented communities; these students were from over six school districts. They also got to visit companies and see AI in action, learn human centered de, and present a capstone project that focused on a social problem they wanted to solve with AI.

We also equip participants with the vital knowledge and tools to implement technology that addresses bias in AI and benefits society as a whole.

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Helping youth get started on a pathway to careers in AI and robotics has become an urgent need. Moreover, learning to develop AI applications requires real-world skills and resources that are often scarce in underserved and underrepresented communities.

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The open-source curriculum will also be available to other organizations interested in implementing AI education programs around the world. I also would like to start a robotics club at my high school. And I definitely want to pursue computer science in college. Abel-Palmieri is a featured panelist at a special event at GTC21 this week.

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Register for free to view and add sessions to your calendar and to be notified of on-demand replays. The new program offers limited quantities of Jetson Developer Kits to professors, educators and trainers across the globe. Follow us on social!

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Real pennsylvania girls

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