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The following tabs provide useful information and resources related to public safety. If you have a question that isn't answered here, please slcpdpr slcgov. The use of burglary alarm systems has substantially increased. This false alarm rate has resulted in an overwhelming burden on law enforcement. December 1,a new alarm ordinance took effect in Salt Lake City. A private security guard should now be responding to your burglar alarm.

Responding to your alarm for the protection of your property will be their priority. They will determine if a police officer is required. The Salt Lake City Police Department will be involved in an on-going training effort involving all areas of alarm response with private guard companies d Salt Lake City sex buddies the State of Utah. The alarm ordinance still provides for fines for those who misuse their alarm systems.

Please make sure you are familiar with your alarm system and have regular maintenance. Alarms activated by people, such as robbery, panic and duress alarms, will remain a high priority and will be responded to by Salt Lake City police officers. We believe this approach will form a healthy cooperation between the police department, the alarm industry and private guard services to provide Salt Lake City citizens with a faster, more efficient alarm response. We will do a personalized security survey of your home or business. If you have any questions or would like to make an appointment with the Salt Lake City Police Department Alarm Unit, please call us at At least one-third of all reported rape victims know their attacker: he was a date, steady boy friend or casual friend.

This is called acquaintance rape, and it probably happens to teenage girls and young women more than any other age group. It's hard to think of someone familiar as a rapist, and this familiarity makes you less willing to trust your self-protective instincts. Also, acquaintance rapists use psychological pressures, as well as physical force. Being forced into having sex — even if it's by someone you know — is still rape, and it's a crime.

Nothing you do, say or wear gives anyone the right to assault you, sexually or otherwise. Because each situation is different, no one can list actions that are guaranteed to protect you against acquaintance rape. But here are some tactics to think about. Don't feel guilty and don't just try to forget about it.

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You didn't ask to be raped. Any rape is a violent attack that can have traumatic effects on the victim for months, and even years, afterward.

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The single most important action you can take is to tell someone — your parents, the police, a school counselor, the family doctor, or any adult you trust. Call your community's rape hotline or crisis center.

It is often listed in the telephone book under rape, community crisis center or sexual assault. The telephone operator can help you. Go to a doctor, hospital emergency room or local women's clinic to be tested for venereal disease and pregnancy.

All rape victims usually feel rage, guilt, anger and helplessness. The best way to handle these emotions and get back in charge of your life is to talk with sympathetic friends and family or counselors from the rape crisis center, a mental health agency or a women's clinic. Nothing — not even consensual sex — entitles anyone to force others to perform sexual acts.

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Without consent, forcing sexual contact is a crime. Date rape is a betrayal of trust and causes long-lasting emotional injuries.

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Date rape or acquaintance rape is about power, control and anger — not romance. Be clear about what, if any, sexual behavior you are comfortable with — and keep talking as you get deeper into a relationship. Remember that rape is rape. You are not to blame. Remember that, and know that action against the rapist can prevent others from becoming victims. Rohypnol — also known as roofies, roopies, circles, the forget pills — works like a tranquilizer. It causes muscle weakness, fatigue, slurred speech, loss of motor coordination and judgment, and amnesia that lasts up to 24 hours.

It looks like aspirin — small, white and round. GHB — also known as Liquid X, salt water, scoop — also causes quick sedation. Its effects include drowsiness, nausea, vomiting, headaches, dizziness, coma and death. Its most common form is a clear liquid, although it also can be a white, grainy powder.

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Incest is more difficult to talk about than rape or date rape, but it happens to at leastchildren and teens each year. The most common kind of incest is sex between an older family member — a parent, stepparent, uncle or cousin — and or teenager. Most victims are girls, although it can happen to boys as well. Incest occurs through persuasion and pressure more often than by physical violence.

It becomes a closely-held secret, continuing for years. The victims feel shame, anger and guilt, and they usually believe they must handle the situation alone. The best way to stop incest is to tell someone you trust and who will believe you. This can be very, very difficult, and parents or relatives may say you are lying or that you caused the assault. Keep reminding yourself that incest is not an expression of love and that you have the right not to be touched sexually by anyone against your will.

Keep telling until someone believes you. Running away or getting married to escape the situation are never solutions, but only create new problems all their own. Persons who commit incest — and their victims — can only be helped when the problem is out in the open.

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Although incest is a criminal offense, the abuser usually is not jailed, but is ordered to get psychiatric help. Many law enforcement agencies work with mental health and social service agencies to stop the incest, protect the victim, and help all members of the family. Having your own evacuation plan can be a big relief and could help you avoid paying a premium for food, fuel and accommodations and taking a chance on where your family sleeps at night.

When it comes to recognizing terrorism-related activity, the mantra is : if you see something, say something. To educate yourself, we provide the following pocket guide for you to observe, document and report suspicious activity:.

Download the Information Collection and Sharing Guide. To help minimize the risk of becoming a victim, take a few simple steps. Additional information and resources are available on the Internet at Identity Theft Resource Center. An Ordinance amending Chapter That Chapter The following words, phrases and terms as used in this chapter shall have the meaning for this chapter as indicated below:.

Any person hosting a party, gathering, or event within the City may be liable for services fess. Any services fee may be in addition to such other costs and penalties as may be provided in this code. A services fee is owed for each time a police officer responds to a call or otherwise arrives at a premises to deal with a party, gathering, or event.

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The amount of the fees and the persons owing the fees are as follows:. All services fees assessed under this chapter shall be due and payable within three 3 business days after the date a written notice of the services fee is sent to the person against whom the services fee is assessed. Any services fee paid more than sixty 60 days after the due date shall not be reduced. If any services fee is not paid within ninety 90 days after the due date, the City may use such lawful means as are available to collect such services fee. In addition to the services fees described in section Nothing in this chapter shall be construed to prevent the arrest or citation of violators of the state penal code or other regulations, ordinances, or laws.

Any person having received notice of the assessment of a services fee may appear before the Salt Lake City justice court and present and contest the alleged violation upon which the services fee was based.

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If the Salt Lake City justice court finds that no violation occurred and one or more of the defenses set forth in this section is applicable, the justice court may dismiss the services fee notice, release the defendant from liability for the services fee, or modify the services fee as justice and equity may require. Such defenses are:. If the Salt Lake City justice court finds that a services fee was properly imposed and no applicable defense exists, the justice court may, in the interest of justice and on behalf of the City, enter into an agreement for the timely or periodic payment of the services fee.

Under a change in Utah law, the Salt Lake City Police Department now is responsible for the registration of all sex offenders who are off probation or parole and live in the city. They also must update their personal information within three business days of any change in residence, vehicle, employment or educational institution. Effective immediately and until further notice, sex offenders off probation or parole must make an appointment to update their information by calling or ing sexoffendersregistry slcgov.

The emergency notification system is deed to contact residents and businesses in the event of an emergency. There shall be no charge for the permit and it does not expire until a change in ownership of the system occurs. A private guard responder shall confirm an attempted or actual criminal event at the alarm site before a police officer will be dispatched. Wholesale or retail firearms businesses are exempt from this Salt Lake City sex buddies. False information given to police shall result in a Class B Misdemeanor.

Salt Lake City sex buddies

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