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Scandinavian women all have that stunning, Valkyrie-like quality to them that makes them irresistible. We all know the stereotype of a tall, blonde Swedish goddess, but that stereotype does have a grain of truth to it. So many hot Swedish women fit that description perfectly. Tall, fit blonds who are often very shy when you first meet them.

We are such fans Sexy Sweden wives have created a guide with tips practical tips on dating Swedish women. But see the women below? They are incredibly hot, right? With a little luck you could actually date one of them. Click on any of the photos. What do you have to lose? But you came here to see hot-hot-HOT Swedish women, and, buddy, we are not going to let you leave disappointed!

Frida Gustavsson is a model and actress born in Stockholm on June 6, During her modeling career, she has walked shows for countless famous fashion houses. Inshe was one of the most sought-after young models. Magazines such as Elle, Vogue, and W all featured Gustavsson prominently. Three years later she became the new face of Maybelline New York.

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Her movie career is short but sweet. InGustavsson married Hjalmar Rechlin, a famous photographer. The two got divorced in After representing Sweden at the Miss World ant inshe dedicated her life to modeling. Avenue Modeller from Gothenburg was the first professional modeling agency Berggren ed.

Since then, she has appeared in various magazines. During her career, Berggren worked with several different fashion deers. In she was the face of Kristian Aadnevik, a London-based Norwegian fashion deer. Caroline Maria Winberg is one such beauty.

She worked for VS for six years in a row.

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Winberg is a Swedish model, actress, and television host. She was born on March 27,and began modeling at the tender age of Soon enough, she was doing campaigns for many industry giants. The esteemed magazine Vogue featured Winberg on the covers of many of its international issues. Models who participated helped raise money for mothers in Haiti in The year also saw Caroline Maria Winberg in her first acting role in the film Limitless. One of the most beautiful Swedish women today was born on December 25, Tragedy would influence her life early on, however.

Young Ronnia was only a year old when her father abandoned the family. Her mother passed away only eleven years later.

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InFornstedt won Miss Universe Sweden. After this experience, Fornstedt became more active in the modeling scene. Her first foray into modeling was all the way back when she was 10 years old. However, she has pursued it professionally after she graduated from high school at the age of Because of this decision, she moved from Stockholm to Paris, and then to Los Angeles.

She currently lives in LA with her husband, Taber Schroeder. In addition, she worked with some of the best photographers in the business. Mona Sexy Sweden wives is considered to be one of the most beautiful Swedish women according to Swedes themselves. She was born on September 18,in Huskvarna and has been a part-time model since she was After finishing school, she moved to London and pursued modeling as a career.

Of course, like Moss, Johannesson became a sought-after overnight sensation. By far her biggest success came from her massive list of ad campaigns for industry giants. Once again, our list of hot Swedish women includes a lady in her 40s. When her parents divorced, she moved back to Sexy Sweden wives with her father. However, she was interested in becoming psychologist, promptly enrolling at York University. Her education was cut short when she was offered a role in the film Earth: Final Conflict in Since then, she has appeared in several high-budget films and TV shows.

Hosk was encouraged by her father to do modeling since she was 14 years old. At first, she focused on basketball and her academic prospects. However, modeling was still an option for Hosk. Soon enough, when she turned 20, she moved to New York and began modeling full time.

Her breakthrough was working with the photographer Ellen von Unwerth for the Guess campaign. Even today, Hosk appears on the covers of many fashion magazines worldwide. Another in the long line of hot Swedish women of many talents, Helena Mattsson was born in Stockholm on March 30, Despite having some talent in modeling, Mattsson focused entirely on acting.

She moved to London as a teenager to attend different acting schools. At 19, she went a step further and moved to Hollywood. One of her most notable minor roles was in Iron Man 2, where she played a partygoer called Rebecca. Aside from films, Mattsson has had a notable television career. She appeared in a wide range of popular shows.

Her breakout role was the TV film Sweden, Ohio. She even dabbled in voice acting, landing roles in shows like Jeff and Some Aliens and Adventure Time. Once again, we have a woman in her 40s who absolutely belongs on this list of hot Swedish women. Because of her height, she began modeling in her early teens.

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However, after a breast augmentation surgery at 18, she started doing nude modeling. This decision made Graaf the second most well-known glamor model after the famous Victoria Silvstedt. Hannah would often pose nude with her sister, Magdalena. Though many found this move to be controversial, the sisters actually used their earnings to start up a charity for impoverished children in India.

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However, they decided to retire from nude modeling in They would only briefly return to it inposing for FHM magazine. Instead of modeling, the two focused on their music career. The sisters toured for a while but soon decided to end it and focus on their families. Petra Silander is a model, a DJ and an actress from Sweden. She was born on January 12, When she was 15, a photographer at the magazine she worked for thought that Silander had modeling potential.

On a whim, he entered her into a modeling competition, which she won. Since then, she has modeled for several companies. Silander has played the piano since she was 8 years old. Since then, she has had an affinity for music, which led her to become a DJ. Silander has appeared in several films in France and the USA. She was also on various TV shows like Balthazar and Mike.

Since her early days, Sexy Sweden wives has had the air of upper class about her.

Sexy Sweden wives

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