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Though most movies and television shows often show romance sparking between two strangers, the findings of a new study suggests that couples in real-life are far more likely to begin as friends. The new study, published in Social Psychological and Personality Sciencefound that two-thirds of romantic relationships start out platonically.

This friends-first initiation of romance is often overlooked by researchers.

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Researchers noted that the vast majority of these participants reported that they did not enter their friendships with romantic intentions or attraction. Stinson also noted that the average length of pre-romance friendships means it is likely that the couples were genuine, platonic friends before transitioning to romance.

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Nearly half of the students reported that starting as friends was their preferred way of developing a romantic relationship, making it far and away more popular than other options presented, such as meeting at a party or online. Given the prevalence of romantic relationships that begin platonically, Stinson would like to see further studies examining this kind of relationship initiation.

She also hopes that this research will push people to revisit their preconceived notions about love and friendship.

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Stinson notes that we are often taught that romance and friendship are dissimilar types of relationships that form in different ways and meet distinct needs. Create with us. Share this article.

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