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You could dress up with your beau for some trick or treatingor you could just snuggle up with a fall cocktail and a spooky Halloween flick. Scroll through for some of the most unnerving supernatural films and thrillers on Amazon Prime, Netflix, Hulu and beyond. Catch up on the original Candyman before Nia DaCosta's highly anticipated remake arrives to terrify you, or bask in a slow-burn like The Others. Recent movies like Netflix's His House mix social issues with ghost stories.

But, of course, the most haunting ghost movies of all are the ones supposedly based on true stories, like the classic paranormal movie Poltergeist. And, if you prefer your frights a little more PG, we have great movies for kids starring "nice" ghosts, like Casper, and some comedies for you, too.

Watch Now. About a pair of siblings who are tormented by a long-haired shadow figure, A Tale of Two Sisters is a chilling Korean folk tale with tonal shifts and jumps scares so jarring you may just rethink the dark corners of your household. Under the Shadow is a brilliant film that came and went in with hardly a whisper.

Narges Rashidi stars as Shideh, a mother dodging evil from all directions: missiles, enforcers, and a possibly malevolent spirit. At its backbone: a dead little boy named Santi who wanders a war-torn orphanage. Candyman is a terrifying movie wrapped up in the United States's own gruesome history. Helen Lyle Virginia Men is researching urban legends, and there's none more potent than Want to watch paranormal activity serial killer Candyman, whose origin story has roots in slavery and racial injustice. Tony Todd plays an unforgettable villain who is set on repeating that which was done to him.

Catch up on the original before watching Nia DaCosta's Candyman remake, out this year. A permanent fixture in pop culture, the film not only received six Oscar nominations, but it remains as one of the greatest twist-ending films of all time. Based on the actual paranormal investigations of real-life ghostbusters Ed and Lorraine WarrenThe Conjuring is the first installment in The Conjuring Universe and also marks the introduction to that nefarious pigtailed doll over there. It stars Vera Farmiga and Patrick Wilson as the famed occult inspectors, as they head to a Rhode Island farmhouse to help the Perron family rid their home of evil spirits.

In seven days. As we all know. Nicole Kidman carries this period ghost thriller about a family who are haunted by the uninvited on her perfectly postured shoulders. She plays Grace, a manic mother of two who may or may not be going mad.

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Adapted from a Stephen King short story,is an absorbing thriller starring a fantastic John Cusack as a paranormal cynic who makes a living debunking ghost stories and hauntings. Looking for a family-friendly ghost movie? Casper was deed for watching after a long trick-or-treating session.

As the daughter of a "ghost therapist," someone who communes with spirits for a living, Kathleen 'Kat' Harvey Christina Ricci is used to things that go bump in the night. But she'd never had a ghostly friend—before Casper, that is. All work and no play gives Jack Torrance a crazy case of cabin fever.

Fans of the Netflix spine-tingler The Haunting of Hill House will understand the kind of mental workout it takes to endure a Mike Flanagan production. They will also know just how rewarding the psychological marathon can be.

PARANORMAL ACTIVITY: NEXT OF KIN Trailer (2021) Found Footage Supernatural Horror Movie

But the way he was killed is. There are some pretty creepy things going down in this black-and-white haunted house film based on the Henry James Gothic ghost novella, The Turning of the Screw. Deborah Kerr takes the lead as Miss Giddens, a governess who slowly begins to believe the country estate where the children live is haunted by a pair of evil spirits: the former valet and the woman he seduced. And you can bet that by the time Halloween creeps into town, we'll have watched this movie more times than it takes to summon its title character.

Which is exactly what the Lambert family should be doing. Alas, Rose Byrne and Patrick Wilson who play Mom and Dad stick with their new mortgage while also trying to keep their young comatose son away from the clutches of the evil spirits inhabiting another dimension called The Further. Tales of grief often lend themselves to the horror genre. But Lake Mungowhich indeed uses the aftermath of tragedy as its springboard into terror, is different.

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Executed as a pseudo-documentary, this Australian fright film plays out over interviews with a family who are mourning the death of their year-old daughter while also fearing the presence that has now taken up residence in her room. Um, chills. Watching with littles? You might prefer your Ichabod Crane animated. Laura then spends the rest of the film playing games with supernatural orphans hoping they will lead her to finding her son. The same intensity director J. Bayona crafted for the surreal tsunami experience in The Impossible runs throughout The Orphanage.

Donald Sutherland as John Baxter and Julie Christie as Laura Baxter play bereaved parents in Venice grieving the death of their young daughter who drowned. After an encounter with a woman claiming to be a clairvoyant, Laura finds comfort, while John just gets plagued with recurring glimpses of a little girl in a red coat strolling the streets and canals of the Italian city.

Hang on, because the twists and turns in this Want to watch paranormal activity on the emotions culminate in one paralyzing reveal. A more family-friendly foray into the afterlife, the fantasy comedy follows along as a crew of proton pack-toting professors try to keep New York City free and clear of paranormal activity. A puddle of anxiety sweat will pool around you as the film reaches its climax.

Demonic trees, unearthed cadavers, and clowns that go bump in the night are enough to make you want to watch the mainstay—about a little girl abducted by a sinister incubus—with the lights on. Maureen Cartwright Kristen Stewart is the rare movie character who is actively hoping for a haunting. She lost her twin brother due to a genetic heart defect, one that she also has. Both Maureen and her brother are psychic mediums, and once made a pact to give each other a when they pass on. Now, she's looking to hear from her brother and his message is taking a long time to arrive.

Michael J. Fox plays Frank Bannister, a special sort of con artist, in this horror comedy: Frank uses his ability to see ghosts to trick the living. But when a truly evil ghost appears, Frank gets a chance to use his powers for the good side. Overlook the goofy special effects—this movie is a delight, and sure to become a family favorite. After escaping from war-torn Sudan, a married couple finds that their asylum in England will not be peaceful, either. Their new home is undoubtedly haunted, emphasizing a message they've felt since arriving: They are not welcome. Your Best Life.

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