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Nearly two months have passed since the strip club opened downtown, a time in which the city and Pussycat have argued their cases in court, residents have worried about the people and the changes the club will bring to town, and talk about Pussycat Cabaret has been constant. The pastor and the mayor give different answers to residents clamoring for Pussycat Cabaret to be shut down.

It has brought in business, she said. Younger people are more likely than older people to see the club as no big deal, they said.

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The opening of the club obviously was a shock to local residents. Local officials say the club deceived authorities by claiming to be a steak house and it was granted no city permits.

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Four strippers were working at the club on the last Friday night in February, introducing themselves with names like Sophia and Honey. The women took turns disrobing and gyrating onstage to nondescript pop and rock music as a handful of customers looked on. With few prospects for private dances, the others watched network programming on a flatscreen TV or lounged at the bar, offering scattered applause for other dancers between songs.

There are glitzy strip clubs, ritzy strip clubs and miserable dives. Candles flicker on small, high-top tables that have layered tablecloths. Red light glows from lamps placed around the room, ceiling fans circle overhead, and a fire burns inside a stone fireplace. Bottles of pop and juice are the only options available for drinks.

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There is no bombastic DJ introducing the dancers, just a digital jukebox where strippers choose their music before going onstage. Driving through Zumbro Falls on their way to Red Wing, a pair of middle-aged men walked into the club at around 10 p. As they walked into the bar crowded mostly with locals, they passed a group of four men from Rochester. The of people coming from out of town to Zumbro Falls has increased Winona mn strip clubs the strip club opened, but the traffic that deputies attribute to the club is fairly low, said Wabasha County Sheriff Rodney Bartsh.

Adams, the auto-repair shop owner, is more to the point. Tigue said the club opened just recently and is in the process of attracting dancers and customers. There were two or three complaints of people carrying alcohol from neighboring bars to the club and one report of a fight, Bartsh said. He says problems have been ongoing at Pussycat and asserts the problem of people carrying alcohol into the club from neighboring bars has continued.

Tigue disputes that, saying anyone trying to bring liquor into Pussycat Cabaret would get kicked out. Any problems with people bringing alcohol out of bars is the problem of those bars, he said. He added that the city should focus on the bars rather than pointing the finger at Pussycat Cabaret, which he said will help Zumbro Falls by bringing more business to town.

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The county is issuing a permit to the club that allows the strip club to serve pop, juice and limited food items such as pre-packaged pizzas, according to Susie West, a Wabasha County environmental health specialist. The club was serving pop and juice before the permit was finalized, she said, but that was OK because it was going through the permitting process with the county.

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A Jan. VanDeWalker says he was falsely told the business would be a steakhouse before it opened. West said the business owners never sought a permit to use the kitchen. The roughly minute gatherings started with just two or three people attending a month ago, but 12 people attended this week, said the Rev. Dave Neil.

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There has been some tension between his bar and the Pussycat, he said, but he hopes things can settle down and they can peacefully coexist. In the meantime, he mused about just how, exactly, he could get people in his bar to stop talking about the competition.

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Gesturing behind the bar, he joked that maybe a is the best solution. Trending Articles. Crime and Courts. Written By: matt russell am, Mar. By Matt Russell. Suggested Articles. Northland Outdoors. Real Estate. Businesses To Follow.

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Winona mn strip clubs

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