Women wanting sex Denmark

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I love Denmark, and the Women wanting sex Denmark of Denmark. Some of my fondest memories are of riding on horseback through Klampenbourg Park and meeting men and women who were generally kind, thoughtful, helpful and friendly people. Feminism has given women in Denmark an immunity from civility, and, to openly hate and ridicule men. For example, it is not uncommon for girls to be sitting on a bus, in a group, and have them openly point to a man and discuss how unattractive he is.

Denmark still imposes all of the obligations of men that have survived medieval chivalry, yet, virtually sees men as nothing but completely disposable sperm donors who are occasionally allowed to work in the Danish socialist job market. Danish women are constantly complaining about not having enough men to satisfy their desires for sexual and social intercourse. Yet, Danish women will viciously guard their feminism, hatred of men, life plans to treat men as disposable, and the concept that men are irrelevant except to give the woman sperm, and, the child some semblance of legitimacy.

One with intellect, sensitivity, education instead of the indoctrination that feminism requires and human dignity might think that the solution to this problem would be to encourage women to learn something about human compassion, respect, human value beyond sex, and, the beauty of binding interpersonal relationships.

Note how the key solution, in the minds of the feminist State, is for women to seduce and rape she employs force at the end of the video which would be a serioius crime if a man did it the man, as opposed to an honest interaction between two adults seeking mutual love, respect and compassion for each other.

The mass media feminist propaganda campaign was an abysmal failure in Denmark.

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The government remains clueless. Is there anything left about human compassion, respect, human value beyond sex, and, the beauty of binding interpersonal relationships? Unfortunately, I don't see any slowing down on this, it' just keeps going forward until everyone is clueless and frustrated and probably accept the fact that the man role is just a sperm donor. Powered by GoNevis.

Asking 200 Girls For Sex (Social Experiment)

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Alireza Savand 1 year, 8 months ago. I wonder how far this will go, is this even feminism anymore or just man-hate?

Women wanting sex Denmark

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