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By Vincent Boucher. By turns fiery, sly, contemplative, vulnerable and world-wise, Viola Davis brought down the house Thursday evening at the David H. Women are much more aggressive out there in terms of getting what they want.

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Now we are bold. You could go into any prison in this country, and I guarantee that you could trace it all back to sexual assault. We really do. But Davis said she became an actor in the spirit of playwright Arthur Miller, who said when he started writing that he wrote because he wanted people to feel less alone. Nonetheless, Reid told Davis, who was clad in a slinky black jumpsuit, that, while she can clearly bring the glamour when she wants to, the actress also tells the stories of ordinary women.

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Reid showed a scene in the first episode when Keating sat down at the end of her day and carefully removed her wig and false eyelashes, revealing her natural hair. And not every woman who is sexual is a size 2. And not every woman who is sexual is walking like a supermodel.

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And not every woman who is sexual is lighter than a paper bag. April 13, pm.

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Viola Davis Talks Renaissance of “Bold” Women in Hollywood Amid #MeToo